Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thank you and pass it on!

This morning, we crossed the $4,500.00 mark! Steve would very much like to express his gratitude to the people who have already made contributions to help his family. He is deeply touched and overwhelmed by the generosity of so many people, most of whom he will never know. A van has been donated that is already equipped for transporting Marian which means that, for the first time since she's been home, the family can leave the house together to go to church or the park or the store. When Steve told Marian about the money that has been raised for them and the about the van, she wept. One of the most heartbreaking aspects of this tragedy is that the Marian we know: lively, loving, full of adventure, is trapped in a body she cannot control because she has been unable to receive the therapies experts have ordered for her. Marian is in there, desperately trying to speak again, to move independently, to embrace her husband and children. And so, we ask you to please, please continue to tell people about Steve and Marian and to urge them to make some contribution to cover the cost of her therapies. And THANK YOU for all the effort you have already made to help us save Steve's family!


  1. Although I don't know anyone involved, I just wanted to say you're doing a beautiful thing. I'm passing it my blog, http://sherrymims.com/2009/08/18/photojournalist-fights-cigna-insurance/, as well. Best of luck to you, Steve and Marian.

  2. Hi!
    It's Delaney Again! I'm so glad that the family is now able to go places together. By the way, a rounded up a couple people, 30 or so, to help Steve out. I'm still trying to find more!