Monday, August 10, 2009

Who are we?

We are a small group of people whose purpose is to tell Steve's story and to raise money for his wife's rehabilitation via contributions through this web site. As Steve has single-handedly battled CIGNA for his wife's care, we recognized the need to liberate him from the decisions of this insurance colossus. A trust account has been established for donations and our hope is that many people will read this story and contribute a small amount to help this family. If a million people read this blog and every one of them gave a single dollar, together, they will accomplish something enormous. Marian can recover significantly, but it won't be free. Steve has had to leave his job to care for Marian and their two small children fulltime. He has fought day in and day out for more than a year to get CIGNA to authorize Marian's care. No one could do more than he has done to get her the help she needs. And we, Steve's friends, now feel that getting Marian's rehabilitation is a job for many people -- as many people as we can get to read about her and respond to this plea. Thank you for taking the time to know about Steve. We love him and we want to help him. You can help us do that by donating to this cause. No contribution is too small. Certainly, there is none too large. But, please, PLEASE, contribute. Then ask your friends to contribute. And your family. And their friends. You get the picture.

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