Saturday, October 10, 2009

Marian receives therapy

It's happened! After the Tampa physiatrist recommended that Marian receive speech, occupational and physical therapy as an outpatient, Cigna approved the plan! The company said she was covered for 27 days of therapy. Steve will probably schedule her sessions twice a week.
At this point, according to the phyiatrist, Marian isn't able to undertake intensive inpatient therapy; remember, she has deteriorated since leaving Chicago. But, the hope is, regular rigorous outpatient therapy will improve her stamina and qualify her once again for intensive inpatient care. Then we'll see what Cigna does.
In the meantime, pat yourselves on the back. Through your kindness and generosity, you have sustained this family through the horrendous and seemingly impossible circumstances they faced.

When we started this blog, Steve was on unpaid leave from his job, caring for Marian 24/7; she was getting no therapy. The bills were piling up.
Now, Steve can pay a health worker to care for Marian several days a week, so he is able to work parttime. The family has a handicapped accessible van and an electric wheelchair so Steve can take Marian to therapy and the family can go on outings. Marian is getting therapy and has a chance for some kind of decent life.
Thank you so very much. We are humbled by such an outpouring of goodness and concern.
We'll keep you posted on Marian's progress.