Monday, September 14, 2009

Steve & Marian's painful story goes national

Today, Marian's terrible struggle to recover -- despite Cigna's refusal to pay for her desperately needed therapy -- was shown nationwide in a film by Please watch the film and please make a donation in any amount to help save this family.

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  1. Steve and Marian,

    I know and understand what you are going through with Cigna and their refusal to cover the treatments Marian needs. I happen to subscribe to Brave New Films' emails and I saw the video at their website, Believe me, my jaw dropped after I saw how Cigna is treating Marian.

    Let me tell you something that is Cigna related. I have health insurance through my employer, which is unfortunately with Cigna (we used to have Humana for many years but my employer switched to Cigna as they were the apparent low bidder). Until recently my lifetime maximum was unlimited but that got changed to one million Dollars.

    You got that right. One million Dollars. Suppose I got so ill that I had to end up in the hospital for a few months. That one million dollars can add up so quickly; now with that new lifetime maximum once Cigna pays out one million Dollars on me that's it - Cigna drops me. Then what's next?

    America - as well as Florida - needs comprehensive health care reform. Not 10 years. Not 5 years. Not 1 year. Not even six months. We need comprehensive health care reform now!

    Here's a comment I posted over at 10 Connects along with a new tagline I suggested for Cigna:

    "This should be Cigna's new tagline: Cigna - A Business of Greed.

    We need to support President Obama's health care reforms - this will do America as well as Florida a lot of good. What the Republicans in Congress are trying to do is to derail this comprehensive health care reform package we desperately need and you know who is behind this? Not to mention who is behind the protests that took place at these health care reform town hall meetings? The presidents of these health insurance companies like Cigna who live the high life of luxury while people who need the health care are suffering at the hands of these insurance companies!

    Once we pass a comprehensive health care reform package, no longer will people be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions nor will people be denied the health care they deserve, especially if it's a major illness. Look at it this way: People thought that Cigna or their health insurance carrier would cover the treatment needed only to find out that their claim has been denied or declined. The end result: Drained life savings and bankruptcy.

    We need comprehensive health care reform and we need it now!"

    Have you seen the Michael Moore movie SiCKO? Every time I watch the DVD - especially the part where the couple's life savings got drained and had to sell their home and move in with their children - it makes me sad to see how healthcare in America has declined, thanks to the greedy insurance companies.

    My thoughts are with you and Marian as you try to get the treatment that Marian needs that is being purposefully withheld by Cigna.