Sunday, September 27, 2009

Getting Cigna to do the right thing

Last week, Steve took Marian to a physiatrist at Tampa General, a specialist in rehabilitative medicine. Not surprisingly, he found she has deteriorated since leaving Chicago in April, when even the minimal therapy at Northwestern Hospital came to a halt. He recommended outpatient therapy three times a week, occupational, speech and physical therapy.
Now, we see'll what Cigna will do with that recommendation. If the company has any integrity at all, it will approve the treatment. We have written emails to Cigna, urging company officials to reconsider.
We'll let you know what happens.
Meanwhile, Steve's colleague at the St. Pete Times, photojournalist Melissa Lyttle, deposited $3,500 into the Marian Coddington Trust -- the proceeds from a print auction she held as part of her annual photojournalism conference known as "Geekfest." Photographers across the nation submitted their work, including New York Times Pulitzer winner Damon Winter, National Geographic legend Sam Abell and outstanding local photojournalists.
Steve and Marian's story was featured recently on Tampa Bay's Channel 10; Tampa's WMNF radio personalities plan to interview Steve next week.
Thanks for keeping track of the Coddingtons' story, for contributing and for plugging this blogsite. If CIGNA approves the treatment Marian needs, it is YOUR victory. If Cigna doesn't approve, it is YOUR generosity that has provided Marian critically needed help.
You are the best!

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